April 2, 2015

Private Individual “1 on 1” Breathwork Sessions

Individual “one on one” sessions can be a valuable piece of the Holotropic process.  Occasionally, having the full exclusive attention and support of a facilitator might be the perfect thing for one’s process.  In addition, some people struggle with the idea of doing this intimate work in a group, or may just prefer one on one work.  Here’s some basic information on individual breathwork sessions.  Hopefully this will answer your basic questions, and if you have anything specific you’d like to ask, feel free to email me.

Breathwork Session Length

There are two options:  60, 120, or 180 minutes.  We need to build in time on both sides of the sessions as well. So total time is 2.5 hours for the first-time 1-hour session, 3.5 hours for two-hour sessions, and 5.5 hours for the first-time full Holotropic Breathwork session.  Less time is required for subsequent sessions.


1-Hour Session for 1 person: $175 (total 2.5 hours)
2-Hour Session for 1 person: $250
3-Hour Session (official Grof Holotropic Breathwork): $375 (total 5.5 hours)


Currently, I do these on weekends or some weekday evenings at my Seattle office on Westlake, or during the day at my Port Townsend area office.  I can potentially come to your home in exchange for travel expenses.

Also, check out my individual breathwork bundle packages.

Email or call anytime to ask any other questions you might have!
206-618-9785 |  glenn@breathworknorthwest.org