May 31, 2016

Upcoming Events

Jan. 4, 2018  – Mar. 19 – Bodhi Center – Bainbridge Island, WA – Ongoing Closed Breathe Group Thursday Evenings

Mar. 17 and Mar. 18, 2018 – Experiential Intro to Breathwork in Home Valley, WA area (within one hour of Portland)

Click to Register for Home Valley/Stevenson

Port Townsend (Chimacum), WA – Next workshop to be announced soon!

Whidbey Island, WA – date to be announced

I’ll be offering two separate “Stevenson/Columbia River Gorge – Experiential Intro to Breathwork “ .  Join us to learn more about and experience this amazing healing modality.


Special Event Notice: 

Utilizing IFS to Take Your Breathwork Integration Deeper

Beginning in March, 2018, Dr. Harry Atlas and I will be offering a special 6-session, alternate- week group for deep personal self-exploration.  We’ll be utilizing the Internal Family Systems (IFS) method to help process and support our regular breathwork sessions.  Click here to be notified when we open the group.

Presence Process Groups

Breathe Groups in Bellingham, Seattle and the East Side

For information on individual breathwork (“1 on 1”) sessions or small private group sessions, click here.

To inquire about these events, or add your name to join one, email me, or call 206.618.9785.